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Recommended reading: The Rise and Fall of Fenoxo (The History of /CoCG/)



LFNAQ (Less Frequently/Never Asked Questions)

Developer Information




I can't play this in my browser/Where do I download a standalone flash player (projector)?

Browsers are slowly dropping support for flash player. It's much easier for us to tell you to play the game in a stand-alone player rather than to try figuring out what's wrong on your end on an imageboard. Thus, we recommend using a stand-alone flash player (also called a projector).

Since people don't seem to know how to search "stand-alone flash player", here's where you can download the latest versions:
Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads

If you run 32-bit linux still, here's the latest 32-bit version of flash player for Linux.

What's the deal with SWF's and other builds?

SWF's of public builds are made by me (Lance) using the source code at https://github.com/OXOIndustries/TiTS-Public.git. This code is updated only when public builds are made by Fen & co.

Historically, they used to have the up-to-date source code publicly accessible, and I made builds like this constantly. Fen & friends didn't like that, despite them never putting a license in the code repository for us to know what we were and weren't supposed to be able to do. So without warning, one day, they took the public-facing code down. We've been in a downward spiral ever since, in the opinion of the writer of this FAQ.

Now we make builds from source code when it's available, but otherwise any builds you find are made by fen & team for their backer releases. Mobile builds are still generated by us, mostly because it's a lot harder to sneak tracking info into AIR builds that we make.

What is AIR?

Formerly known as Adobe Integrated Runtime, AIR is Not Entirely Unlike Flash. See the Wikipedia article for a huge description, but a short description follows here.

On the technical side, AIR contains the ActionScript 3 virtual machine (AVM3), and all of the other technologies behind recent versions of Flash. It is designed so flash-based programs can be run as desktop or mobile apps.

Since Apple decided not to allow a flash plugin on its devices in its walled garden, and since the Android flash plugin doesn't work on the latest versions of Android anymore, it's pretty much the only way to get most flash programs to work on mobile devices. [1]

Additionally, AIR can make apps that run on Mac OS X and Windows. Formerly, Linux distros were also supported. After a lot of annoyances during the installation process, it is still possible to use the latest AIR in Wine on desktop Linux.

Since Adobe is discontinuing all support for the Flash Player plugin and standalone programs in 2020, Fen & co. are presumably planning to move entirely to AIR at some point in the future and stop making raw SWF's that work in a flash player plugin or projector.

For more info, see the developer information section.

I can't 'save to file' or 'load from file' on Android. What gives?

You need to go to your settings and enable the "storage" permission for the app. There are ways that I could make an app so it prompts the user to set permissions, but it looks like it'll be hard and I don't think it's worth the hassle of Adobe Native Extensions (ANE).

Tracking? What is it?

For a while, fen & team had their backers' download server set up so that they would append a bit of data to the end of the file, which varied based on which user had downloaded it. This way, they could download one of the backer builds which had been shared online, check the ID of the user that had shared it, and shadow-ban them from future builds.

New builds would have the latest version text, but would not contain any new features. We've figured out how to circumvent that form of tracking.

They don't appear to be doing this anymore, ever since they last changed their build system up (also the last time that Gedan is known to have done anything).

/f/ Edition? What's that?

/f/ edition is commie's name for his version of the game, with some tweaks, mainly to busts to make them less awful in the opinions of many in the thread.
From commie:

What's with all the namefags?

Honestly, I have no idea why we have so many. I guess I'd attribute it to an atypical board culture we've sort of tentatively developed. Here's a list of some of the namefags in no particular order but that in which I think of them.

Daedal has more recently made us a tier list, reproduced here:

  1. penisboat (or, flashmaster as some degenerates would call him) is all powerful but never shows up.
    SSS tier power: is literal god; D tier activity.
  2. etherwind, etherwind died so that we all could live, his noble sacrifice is only forgotten by new viewers. he lives on in futa skyrim.
    SS tier power
  3. lance, even though lance has caused multiple thread-wide wars, he's probably the most active guy and the least unnecessarily disrespectful (unless it comes to the sauce he still does not have.) he also helps a lot with thread management, cars and coding garbage that i usually skip reading. his redemption arc has been going on for multiple chapters now.
    A+ tier
  4. ella, ella is hidden in the shadows but after years of sauce wars, civil wars, and pedophile wars we were able to establish a soul connection through the undying power of friendship. ella is generally nice to everyone in thread and was once the only one who could stop lance from re-starting the sauce wars.
    A tier
  5. anons against, anons against changes his name every time he appears to a new, trendy and related topic. this shows dedication despite disappearing almost immediately afterwards every time. he has a usually factual opinion every time he shows his face and no one can resist that.
    B tier power
  6. commie/gunship. commie hates pretty much everything about life so i feel like both of his names were very fitting. he is also not very powerful in comparison to other figures on this tier list, if he didn't have access to the legendary "trip code" he would be lower on this list. luckily, he is a powerful fighter in the war on fenoxo throughout the series.
    previously S tier when he was the current build holder.
    A- tier, negative nancy
  7. X, after ending the sauce wars by not giving lance his sauce, soon after one specific hgg fag visited the thread. this caused the election arc (which went down in history as one of the worst arcs). X was nominated, and as daedal once said, no one man should have all that power. after achieving said power, he more or less died a couple weeks later. he was cool while he was living.
    SS+ tier power
  8. miss blackthorne, horseman, wot'n. these anons are fading from history itself, but i remember blackthorne being cool and horseman liked centaurs or something
    helped flesh out the filler arcs, C tier
  9. the boobs modder
    he also completely disappear but i respect the effort he's making. he should probably take more feedback from people who still care here though.
    B tier
  10. all irrelevant/forgotten namefags are considered completely removed from history via thanos snap.
    D tier

RIP smol. RIP Misha.

LFNAQ (Less Frequently/Never Asked Questions)

I have "How do I shot web?" and other noob questions to ask that aren't covered here.

If Google and other search engines really aren't helping you, then ask us, but be warned that you will likely be ridiculed by a lot of us and RREEEEEE'd at if you keep asking dumb ones that could be solved by a little critical thinking and google searching.

That said, I personally appreciate that you are one of these people and still decided to actually read this FAQ before asking your dumb question, and I appreciate your honesty in admitting it's a dumb question.

Developer Info

Compiling TiTS

I created a development environment to allow me to compile and run SWF's as well as Adobe AIR apps from a desktop linux or BSD operating system running on 64-bit Intel CPU's. I also have in the past found that it mostly works in Windows (with Cygwin), but requires a couple tweaks that I will explain if anyone else ever tries it. I'd recommend Windows users use FlashDevelop for making the SWF, and then rewrite the shellscripts as .bat scripts for generating AIR builds (hardcode stuff if you want, it doesn't have to be as advanced as the shellscript. Batch scripts are really annoying.)

A 64-bit CPU is only necessary if you want to make iOS builds, but I think Intel x86 is required for everything beyond simply building SWF's because the AIR packager program uses windows x86 native executables in addition to bits of Java (and only the Java bits are cross-architecture). Wine is used to accomplish this.

If you have questions about using my build environment, or compiling the game generally, I won't mind answering a couple questions, provided you are at least trying to figure out what you can yourself.

Whatever you do, read the README in the git repo before asking.

Nimin Stuff

Nimin 0.9.75o:
Desktop SWF:
Android APK:
Android APK for Intel CPU's:


"Space Project - Seraphita"
An old 90s visual novel for windoze. Works in wine on OSX and linux distros too. Art by Makita Aoi. Contains dickgirls. It's a CD image in cue/bin format with redbook audio.

I post it here because it took me around 12 to 24 hours to find a copy of it online, and that required going to a korean file sharing service called ClubBox, installing a WinXP VM, installing an ActiveX plugin in IE6, and waiting about another 8 hours for it to download. To avoid repeating such pain, I'm mirroring it here and hoping the Google search crawler indexes the link.


[1] I say "most" because AIR does not support ActionScript 2 and other older technologies used in early flash games. I say 'pretty much' because it is possible to install a desktop Linux environment in a special app housing, like GNURoot, and then use the open source Gnash player to play some AVM2 games. Additionally, by using QEMU, it is possible to virtualize a desktop Intel x86 Linux version of Adobe's official flash player. Unfortunately this is slow, buggy, and consumes a bunch of power on non-x86 android.