THE HISTORY OF /cocg//slabg/

The rise and fall of Fenoxo

Of /vg/’s and /cocg/’s: How we started

/vg/ CoC writers: Assemble!

The Nudes Fiasco: Fen loses it

The Great Divide

A New Years resolution to make a writer driven game less writer driven and more money driven.

Playing Favorites, Kelta Chaos, more people quit, friendship is over and...URTAQUEST

Fen paints himself in a more positive light. With the stealth of a walrus.

The Furs of March

Sand Witch Dungeon: ANOTHER writer quits

Others reasons why Fen’s behavior is horrible


Side notes (aka disclaimer)


TL;DR (Because you’re too lazy to read all that previous crap.)

NOTE: If something is wrong or misquoted, let me know so I can fix it.

This is Version 3.1 and still subject to revision. I’ve reworded some things to sound less like an asshole and less side taking. Also an explanation on why Radar is no longer in charge of the history and why he is more or less gone.

  1. Of /vg/’s and /cocg/’s: How we started

It all started some years ago with a small game called “Unnamed Text Game” which would eventually become CoC. Most people don’t remember that and really it has little else to do with this document so let us move on.

“Corruption of Champions” (CoC for short. Yes, it shares the same abbreviation as that Call of Cthulhu game and we occasionally joke about that.) came and was discussed sporadically across multiple boards. And then /vg/ happened. After that the threads converged onto /vg/, anons and writers talked about and wrote for the game whenever the mods didn’t delete the threads. After Moot gave the OK for NSFW stuff to be discussed, things were looking up for CoC. Then furries happened.

  1. /vg/ CoC writers: Assemble!

In early 2012, a vast majority of contest submissions and donated for content was shifting from demonic content to furry content. Some anons contended that because of the neglect of updates for the furry text game “Nimin”, this caused many furries to jump to CoC to stuff their much loved furry stuff into the game. /cocg/ regulars were not cool with this. Eventually someone said...

“If you want to even out the content, stop complaining. Write it yourself.”

-Symphonie, paraphrased from early /cocg/ threads.

After the likes of Adjatha and Symphonie echoed this, several people stepped up; Shambles, Little Bee, Savin, PKD, Abraxas, and Radar were only some that took to writing. Many other writers tried as well but their ideas slabbed. Yet where they fell, others rose up; thanks to /vg/’s critique and idea generation, many climbed the smut writing ladder and helped make many new things to diversify CoC’s world. Some even became pals with Fenoxo; Shambles and Radar were pretty friendly with CoC’s creator and were willing to support Fen. All criticisms were out of concern and good intentions and bore no ill will.

More writers joined; FC, Elfensyne, Sietch, Protobro and others. Times were good once again, but it did not last. Fen, a decent guy at this time, started displaying some negative tendencies. Trolls as well as some criticisms towards his decisions and writings got under Fen’s skin a little too easily; he took the negativity to heart and the relationship between /cocg/ and Fen worsened. Things got slightly worse when projects were canned and Fen made some decisions to spite /cocg/ for what he thought was “trolling” by them. Even with all this, /cocg/ still looked forward to updates and thought all this was minor and would pass soon enough.

Then something terrible happened...

  1. The Nudes Fiasco: Fen loses it

In September, nudes of a random female were posted to /cocg/. Turns out they were of a FenChat regular named Darkness and the leaker revealed that she was sending nude pictures of herself to Fen despite the fact that she was to be wed. Fen was also sending his own nudes to her despite being with someone else too. Fen and Fenwife were never on truly good terms as far as we know; she had been caught cybering and wanted to see other men and he himself was guilty of doing the same things. The leaker expressed that he found Fen’s actions were immoral and unjustified, hence him leaking the photos.

This is where things took a turn for the worse. Fen huffed his way into the thread, blaming /cocg/ for “hacking” and leaking these nudes and for scaring off all the female regs in FenChat. He then vowed to never return, and locked himself to his FenChat. Any mention of 4chan or /vg/ or anything that rubbed him wrong in FenChat led to a ban in FenChat. Shambles, being a pal, tried to calm Fen down and tell him that /cocg/ had nothing to do with it, but FenChat regular AnonymousMan, known for blocking out much of what you would call reason, would have none of that and encouraged and influenced Fen to go even more bonkers and paranoid of the dreaded 4chan boogieman that wasn’t really there.

It was later revealed that the leaker was Furniture, FenChat’s very own Admin; he confessed to the act some time later and stated that he acted alone, only posting the images on /cocg/. Fen says he has apologized for his own actions, but there’s no actual proof within the archives of 4chan on whether he did so or not.

  1. The Great Divide

These false accusations of hacking and other actions by Fen was the last straw for many writers, and so they left, having had enough of Fen’s behavior. Some stayed and hoped that this would just pass. Fen, unfortunately, would stay the paranoid and ill-behaved man he had become in the short span of time the nude pics were posted and he would scare off potential writers with this new attitude. Old Fen was dead and CoC would go downhill from here on out.

Fen’s behavior started to get worse; he began insulting writers and their work while coding it, started becoming more vicious towards /cocg/ and making more decisions against them out of spite, and even taking a joke in the /cocg/ OP’s about FenChat being the place to go if you wanted to shitpost/troll far too seriously. Fen then threatened to shaft ALL non-furry writers in favor of anybody bringing in even MORE furry content for the next donation day because of this little joke in the OP. Those /cocg/ writers that still wrote for CoC, however, put their feet down, stating they would leave along with everybody else and that his overreaction to a mere joke would only hurt him. Fen did eventually relent, though silently and with no apology, on the donation day by just leaving the donations open to everyone.

Fen kept ignoring those who tried to help him out even if it was supportive and constructive criticism, even going as far as tossing his once friend Shambles aside. Though Shambles himself was a bit aggressive towards Fen and they often butted heads at times, he still tried to help Fen up to this point, but this was the last straw. He quit, not wanting to deal with Fen and his negative behavior any further. Some still wrote for CoC in /cocg/, but the numbers were fast drying up. With nobody else to really keep Fen’s behavior from lashing out at /cocg/ for one reason or another, things would only get worse.

  1. A New Years resolution to make a writer driven game less writer driven and more money driven.

Apparently Fen’s New Years resolution was to no longer have project driven donations and instead go for incentive driven drives to get some moolah. A $10 raffle to possibly win a 1000 word scene of your choice, $30 for a custom character you could make via save editor anyways, and $100 for a guaranteed 1000 word scene and all written exclusively by Fen-o mac. No longer would writers be a part of a donation system. So now all these writers that had made projects for CoC both in and out of /cocg/ for free and for Fen’s profit were no longer relevant, as Fen made himself the one and only creator of content for CoC, with the most say in what gets in being commissions. All of this came with no warning, and people were rightly pissed.

This may have been done for a few reasons. Fen was tired of messing with CoC and its horrid code and like many others, was sad to see the game shifting from fighting sex demons and transformations to waifuquest due in part from the insane donations of the latest waifu to crawl up from Fenforum abyss. Those few /cocg/ souls that still wrote for CoC had lost hope of their projects making it in with a small few that held a glimmer of hope that this was just temporary and things would be back to how they were soon enough. Fen then stated CoC would now be worked on as a “hobby”, putting his focus largely on TiTs and now nobody is really sure what to expect. Fen has allowed some scenes to be added into the game despite all of this, most of which are his “favorites”, but Fen remains the main contributor of content for CoC.

In late March, Fen changed his policy a bit and let more Projects get coding time. Then in late April he began shifting focus onto TiTS, with the probability of a donation day for CoC in the near future slim to none. As of this writing, CoC is more or less considered dead, save for what Fen may put in later.

  1. Playing Favorites, Kelta Chaos, more people quit, friendship is over and...URTAQUEST

It all started in January. Thanks to a goof on Savin’s part and to many a Fenblogger, donations meant for a Feburary donation day were given ahead of time in January. Instead of doing the right thing and refunding the money to these donors, Fen kept the money and the donations they were for. One of these was for 20 hours worth of making Urta fertile despite the limit of donated time being 10 hours. This lead to UrtaQuest, easily the most panned content within CoC. Fen somehow managed to work 40 hours for the sole reason being that Urta is his fursona. It is ridiculed by /cocg/ and rightfully so.

Forwarding to early February, Cadell, a /vg/ regular, had donated for a “breaking Kelt” route and Fen contacted him to discuss issues he had with the concept. Things started off nice but shortly after Fen just refused to hear out Cadell’s side of things on the concept and how it would work, and then refunded Cadell’s money. Cadell was rightfully mad at Fen for not wanting to listen or do the work he was payed for, so Cadell confronted Fen. Fen being… well, Fen, banned his buddy from FenChat, removed him from his Steam contacts and every other thing one shouldn’t do instead of being calm about it. Shambles and Furniture then tried to reason with Fen, but he just banned them too. Shortly afterwords, Fen showed his negative colors once again by talking trash about Cadell behind his back. Radar then tried to talk some sense into him, but Fen just threatened to ban him too.

After all this, the overall laziness and the bad behavior of Fen to everybody not in his hugbox (especially writers), Radar had enough. Radar asked  for the coding and edits for his Plant Woman project from Fen and about six hours later, he had left CoC and was taking his projects with him. In his forum post, he was polite and kept the specifics about why he was leaving to a minimum, stating only “personal issues with Fen”. About twelve hours after that, Radar was locked out of his forum account for pulling his projects, and dismissed by Fen in his usual post-4chan behavior. Even though he was still working on his project in the FenForums, Radar was banned. Butts McGee and McGirt quit CoC shortly after that as well, pissed and disgusted at Fen’s actions. AG, an artist that frequented /vg/,  then drew a pile of shit wearing a fedora upon request by some anons. Fen seeing this with his flawless egovision as himself unfollowed AG on tumblr, saying that AG had jumped on the “/vg/ bandwagon”. It was clear at this point that Fen can and would lash out at everyone.

  1. Fen paints himself in a more positive light. With the stealth of a walrus.

/cocg/’s reaction to Fen’s actions was, quite unsurprisingly, to be extremely pissed off. Shortly after, the Debimbo’d Sophie project originally done by Radar but handed to Savin after Radar had left was seen as a failure due to way too much femdom.

/cocg/ and even some of the Fenblogger anon’s voiced criticism over the huge amount of femdom, but Fen would have none of that, at first complaining about the complaints heading his way and then unleashing the ban hammer, trying to make his selective comment deleting look like he was contending with trolls by leaving in the nastier and more emotional comments to make himself look good. Those that tried to call him out were also banned and he then locked down the blog comment section, forcing everyone to log in. He also once again started showing his ass by personally responding to the comments, with his blind followers praising him. In true Fen fashion, after all this was done, he stated the lockdown was to combat trolls rather than what it really was. Just some people trying to give constructive criticism and Fen wanting to hear not a word of it.

  1. The Furs of March

On a late March weekend, Fen stated he’d have a donation day in the next couple of days. Naturally he neglected to say when exactly this was and this statement came with little to no warning ahead of time. This made getting support for what few things by /cocg/ that were still for CoC difficult, not to mention it was the weekend and people usually have this thing called a life. That same exact day, March 23rd, Fen told his FenChat regulars ahead of time that the Donation Day was starting, giving them a good head start. He then went to post the same news on the blog. No notice ahead of time was given to anybody else about the donation day starting, only Fen’s “friends”. Considering don-days were from as long as a few hours to as short as 15 minutes, this could and ultimately would give them a huge lead. This wasn’t the first time it happened, but it was the most notable as it shines as an example of Fen’s partiality towards his hugbox and supporters.

In this donation days case, it lasted all of 20 minutes and a handful of Fen Projects were funded while a bunch of other projects that had blog or forum support didn’t. PKD, not cool with the way the donation days were being handled or the inability to secure funds for his Vapula project, finally stopped writing for CoC, to which Fen simply called an act of jealousy rather than address PKD’s legitimate concerns.

So once again, Fen went well into overtime for his fursona Urta rather than spending that time on other projects. More Urta done and another writer gone, a good months work for Fen McMahon.

  1. Sand Witch Dungeon: ANOTHER writer quits

With the release of the Sand Witch Dungeon, Incap, another writer, popped into the /cocg/ threads once again after a long absence . After playing through the entirety of this dungeon, he had decided that CoC was now no longer worth writing for, citing that Fen’s writing had diminished considerably, the forced decisions at the end of the dungeon and the overall lack of purpose for said dungeon with riddles that were too easy, rooms that serve no purpose whatsoever and the black and white choice of raping them or letting them go. Not to mention the use of “ganguro” to describe a person with a tan. By this time, it became routine for Fen to do a thing and another writer to quit. Incap still pops into /cocg/ now and again, wondering whether to write for another /cocg/ game or to make his own.

  1. Others reasons why Fen’s behavior is horrible

Fen is notorious for canning several anticipated projects for trivial reasons, and just being all around lazy about projects he has no interest in or doesn’t like are a few specialties of his. Wedge’s Kitsunes are a prime example of his lack of interest. Give Fen a project he’s interested in, however, and he’ll rush it into the game, everything else be damned. Particularly furry/futa/femdom content. One Christmas Contest entry was allegedly in no shape to be put in the game according to editors Shambles and Gats, however Fen being Fen read a few sentences of the doc and decided it was getting in no matter what. He also disliked and complained constantly about Donto’s submission, not wanting to code it and not being of his tastes despite it being something his editors suggested. A more recent example is a Fen forum donkey morph with meh writing and concept, but Fen was all over it not because of the writing, but by how the character looked.

Fen is also prone to dismissing critical feedback, stating that the critic in question just has an issue with content rather than with redundancy or the content. Both Radar and Shambles can attest and recount stories of Fen doing exactly that and possibly a little more. He also does not respond well to people doing massive editing to his work and has barged into documents as they’re being edited and told the editors that the job is done even when there’s still massive issues with the document. The earlier mentioned Christmas contest entry fell victim to this particular Fen behavior as well.

Then there’s the re-writing of history to suit Fen’s tastes as well, recounting stories to put himself in a positive light and removing select criticising comments from his blog, as well as turning the other way when his blog posse gets into a flame war or attack those that Fen either dislikes or are critical to him. He’s quick to remove comments from posters he doesn’t like and others for other minor reasons as well, like comments towards fanart and such. This re-writing of history has gone into emails as well with him taking snippets of them out of context to get some more sympathy from his FenChat hugbox and making them think that this person “attacking” Fen is a troll. FenChat is surprisingly dim of things outside the hugbox, so the main views they get are from Fen himself, leading to a sort of furry brainwashing, those that venture out and look for the information are surprised to find out about the things Fen selectively left out.

Finally, we have Fen tinkering with peoples projects without telling anybody while he’s in the middle of coding it. Zeik’s Kid A project forcing you to have sex with her when you sparred with her regardless of what happened when the original plan was to have her rape you if you were dumb enough to fight her with full lust and Wedge’s Kitsunes having their magic nerfed in an already melee heavy game are prime examples of their respective writers quitting over Fen once again doing something he shouldn’t be doing, and those are but a few examples, and this is all because Fen thinks its better. The three F’s: Futa, Femdom, and Furry, as well as mentally handicapped Bimbos are also things he prefers to the point of stuffing it in everything. The once broad appeal of CoC has degenerated into Fen writing only what he likes and complaining when he has to code or write what he doesn’t like and all complaints from the community for a little more flavor outside of the three F’s and B are mocked or ignored.

  1. Conclusion

It’s pretty depressing to see Fenoxo, once a decent guy despite being a little furry, turn into one of the furry monstrosities you usually only hear about. /cocg/ tried to stop Fen from going down that path of furriness but there was no stopping him. The one to take the worst hits out of all of this is CoC itself; once a game that, albeit shoddily coded, had some promise, now reduced to furry waifus with horsecocks and all of them seem to be trying to out-horsecock the other. Fenoxo claims we’re “at war” with him, but in truth, we just stopped caring about the game and constantly make fun of him and it at this point. We miss the days when Fen was still somewhat sane and wasn’t paranoid and was cool with a little variety rather than lying, being egotistical and delusional and forcing his fetishes and ideas into everything. Our attitude towards him isn’t unwarranted; it had a starting point, and it all started with Fen and his own actions.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

(G.I. Jooooooooooe)

  1. Side notes (aka disclaimer)

Originally this document was written by Radar, former CoC contributor. The current incarnation of this document was written by Moof. Most of what was done was trimming down a lot of Radars fancy talk and rewriting things to be less fancy and more to the point.

The third version of the doc was also by Moof, this time in an attempt to sound less like an asshole.

Also I occasionally pop in and reword a few things without saying I have because I’m a picky sumbitch.

  1. FAQ

Why does /cocg/ rip on/complain about/bitch about/discuss Fenoxo and CoC if they hate him/it?

Mainly because the game’s quality has continued to plummet since the falling out of Fen and 4chan. Some just want to discuss what’s actually happening in CoC. What little is currently happening, anyway. This often leads to more hate and jokes towards the game or Fen and FenChat these days. Understandable, considering the past and the overall behavior of FenChat and Fen.

Wait, does /cocg/ hate Savin now too?

After the Debimbo’d Sophie incident, are you really surprised? He bought the scenes purely out of his femdom interest without care of /cocg/ or it’s interest for balance. This of course led to people going from somewhat accepting of him to a large number of them actually wanting him to leave; usually with a Jewish/antisemitic joke thrown in for good measure. Sometimes posts by Savin aren’t actually him, but are instead the local Mimic who mimics other writers without tripcodes, but that doesn’t really change how people respond to him anyway.

CoC is open source now! That means we can fix it, right?...Right?

There’s so little interest in doing so from /CoCg/ and so much wrong with the games code and the setting that everything, from code to encounters, would need to be re-written to varying large degrees or just scrapped entirely and written from scratch with something else. And frankly, it’s just more practical to make a new game at this point.

Don’t get the wrong idea, there was hope for it to be free of Fen at some point so people could mess with it and fix CoC, but those days are long, long gone. We as a thread have moved on to Slablands now and there may be a few that look forward to RootzerIP if that ever becomes not vaporware.(Yeah, pretty sure it’s dead at this point. RIP) I personally wish the same could be said for Argos, but Furniture hasn’t made a peep in a long time, so that’s vaporware (DEAD) too.

On the topic of horrid code relating to CoC, Harbinger, creator of the now slabbed Adventure of the Seven Leaves text game, stated that his medical condition flared up whilst trying to make heads or tails of the code for the de-furred Amily scene for CoC. Two times did it happen, where he suffered migraines and momentary blindness, until he finally just gave up. It’s commonly joked that Fenoxo’s code almost killed Harbinger.

So why are you writing this and not Radar? What happened to him?

It’s a long story and quite honestly it’s a bit stupid, but I’ll sum it up.

There was a point where Radar seemed to, for lack of a better term, left. This was not the case in truth as Radar was actually trolling the threads incognito (and in some cases, quite badly).

Then, when Tatoba, the guy in charge of Slablands, finally revealed his verdict on loli/shota content after much feet dragging on the answer, Radar popped back in and started just blabbing on and on and on about a master plan of some sort that he was somehow responsible for. Post after post of complete, utter nonsense. Quite honestly, I didn’t understand his reasoning for it and still do not, but seeing his actions made me realize that it would be for the best to distance ourselves from him.

In a haste to make a replacement to his overly wordy history document and because I was quite unhappy with how he behaved, I used some rather crass language and sounded like I had picked a side (mainly picked up from the general jackass attitude that was prevalent in the threads) and for that I am sorry. I didn’t want to make this into a one sided document, but a record of events that had occurred.

Okay, so...why don’t you talk about CoC anymore in the thread even though it’s in the thread name?

Too much bad blood. Bringing it up leads nowhere.

I guess we just keep the name up so we never forget where we came from and what we strive to not become.

Rejoice, for at some point near the end of 2016, it has been removed.

  1. TL;DR (Because you’re too lazy to read all that previous crap.)

/cocg/ was cool beans with Fen. Then a girl Fen shared nudes with had her pics posted and he lost his shit. He acted immature and did stupid shit and pissed off lots of people and they all left. Then they weren’t cool beans. Fen only writes and codes things that contain furries, futas, femdom and/or bimbos and complains constantly about things he doesn’t like or has to do. Now cocg dislikes him and his hugbox because all he cares about are his fetishes and his hugbox and making money from people while he fails to learn anything about coding whilst continuing to, figuratively speaking, hold his games together with gum and scotch tape.  All attempts to reason with him have been useless because he refuses to listen because he’s so paranoid. Now we wait for a decent game to come out to discuss and write for while Fen caters to himself and his furry fandom.