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Trials in Tainted Space

Current Version: 0.8.149

Mobile builds here are probably the most up to date mobile builds available. Unless it's a public build, in which case it's built entirely from source, it's built using existing AIR SWF's extracted from the mobile builds and then signed by me and repackaged with a version of AIR with lower system requirements. Desktop builds here should only appear when a public release is the latest, and I therefore have had source code available to build from. Use builds at the link above if you want a desktop SWF and it's not a public build.


The image pack is only updated when source code drops or someone shares an image pack SWF, whichever happened more recently. Thus, it is kept separated from the other links.

Currently, we are on 0.8.149 (not from source; they still haven't pushed that).

Corruption of Champions

Rebuilds of CoC (vanilla) 1.0.2 from the git source code.
Desktop SWF:
Android APK:
Android APK for Intel CPU's:
Experimental .air file for desktops:


Nimin 0.9.75o:
Desktop SWF:
Android APK:
Android APK for Intel CPU's:


See the OP of >>/f/9862 for more games.

"Space Project - Seraphita"
An old 90s visual novel for windoze. Works in wine on OSX and linux distros too. Art by Makita Aoi. Contains dickgirls. It's a CD image in cue/bin format with redbook audio.

I post it here because it took me around 12 to 24 hours to find a copy of it online, and that required going to a korean file sharing service called ClubBox, installing a WinXP VM, installing an ActiveX plugin in IE6, and waiting about another 8 hours for it to download. To avoid repeating such pain, I'm mirroring it here and hoping the Google search crawler indexes the link.